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OK, if you’re new here, let me give you the fifty cent tour.

Things are pretty basic here.

If you want to know more about me, click on the About link on the Menu. It tells you a bit about this blog, my publications and, well, me.

There are a couple og ways to start reading my blog. Click on the Home link on the Menu if you want to just dive into my latest posts. Click on Writing Articles if you want to see a list of blog posts by general subject.

Each of my book series has its own dedicated page. The John Lazarus Adventures is my super hero series. The Otherworld series is a sci-fi/fantasy crossover where gamers play the universe’s most popular game on a terrformed alien world. Since I’m a Christian apologist, I also write
. If you prefer, you can check out the Reviews link to see what others think about my books.

The Extras section is a catch-all for pretty much everything else. It contains Character Interviews, Author Interviews, Book Giveaways, Artwork, Casting Wish Lists, our Super Power Quiz, and more.

That’s about it.

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