Praise for Johnny Came Home

“This is an all holds barred, thrills ‘n ’spills, non-stop, white knuckle ride of an action adventure. I was gripped from the first page by the author’s effortless, fluid writing style, and the fact that he throws us into the action from the off. …there is so much non-stop action, that I had to keep stopping and put the book down, just to come up for air.”
Ali Isaac, author of The Four Treasures of Eirean

“What a fun story! If you like comic books or superheroes, I highly recommend this book to you.”
Joe Westbrook, co-author of the Truth Chronicles

“From its opening line, Johnny Came Home draws you into the world of its reluctant, damaged, and super-charged hero. And what a fast paced, dark, and intriguing world it is! …What follows is an exciting adventure that I would describe as X-men meets James Bond with just a touch, believe it or not, of To Kill a Mockingbird thrown in.”
Allan Reini, author of Flight of the Angels

“It’s not always easy to find an author who can create an entire world of people, places and machinery that you can just close your eyes and envision so clearly as if you were watching a movie, so it is a testament to the kind of author Tony Breeden is that I can say his writing created that vision perfectly for me.
“I thought Johnny Came Home may be more of a book for males and that I wouldn’t enjoy it a whole lot, but I loved every page of this book and would highly recommend it for anyone to read, be it male or female I think everyone would love it!”
Lisa Smith, Review from Booky Ramblings of a Neurotic Mom

“Christian Sci fi?? I was unsure of what to expect, but what a thrilling story. Action packed from the very beginning with enough mystery and suspense to keep you hooked and turning the pages… I highly recommend this book to any sci-fi and comic fan.”
LM Steel, author of Baby Driver

“Johnny Came Home is a delightful read with many plot twists and surprises. Breeden so brings it home!”
GK Powderly Jr, author of The Windows of Heaven series.

“…an action-packed story full of surprises. The action, once it begins, is almost non-stop all the way to the end of the book. You won’t want to put it down.”
Buddy Helms, author of Mike’s New Reality

“This is an action packed novel, the action starts near the beginning and never lets up, and continues to ramp up in intensity as it draws towards its finale. And it is a most enjoyable ride, I found it difficult to put down, wondering how on earth the characters would overcome the seemingly invincible agents of Pandora.
Peter R. Stone, author of A Knight from Dein

“I had to take it out of the bathroom. I had to find out what happens next.”
Greg Breeden, my brother and this is probably my favorite review!

Praise for Luckbane

“Luckbane is one of those rare books that made me smile every few pages as I lost myself in it… Luckbane combines Science Fiction and fantasy seamlessly, and the author takes great care in creating vastly different worlds, nuanced and fresh. He utilizes tropes and stereotypes to surprise the reader rather than make us feel we’re reading another rehash of Lord of the Rings.”
Sean Smith, author of Objects of Wrath

“…I’ve never read anything like it…  I could definitely see this novel adapted as a screenplay. The author does a great job playing a movie in your mind. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes a well-written story with a lot of adventure and action wrapped up in a complex plot. The fact that it is science fiction and fantasy is just a bonus!”
Tamie Dearen, author of The Best Girls series

“Luckbane is the first installment in the exciting Otherworld series by Tony Breeden.
“As a fan of role playing games and even a long time fan of TSR products, Luckbane is definitely the type of novel that I want to read. The premise of the story is exciting and refreshing to me. The short lengths of the chapters, which are also divided in parts, make the pacing fast but comfortable to read. I see no flaws in author Tony Breeden’s high level writing style. The dialogues are strong and witty, and the protagonist Jarrod is the flawed hero of this story that you would easily root for. The plot is excellent; it does feel like you are playing your favorite RPG while reading.
“There is a lot of thrilling action which does not involve heavy or disturbing violence and the language used is fairly clean. That being said, both young and mature readers will definitely enjoy Luckbane and would want to follow the Otherworld series. The combination of sci-fi and fantasy elements are potent. Any RPG enthusiast would not want to miss this one.”
Readers Favorite review

“…this is a book I would recommend to everyone, simply because in over fifteen years of studying literature from all over the world, I have never read anything quite like this. It is a brand new, original creation in a world of remakes, rehashes and reboots. And that is a very good thing indeed.”
Steve Justice, author of The One.

“…think Middle Earth from the Lord of the Rings on steroids… I picked up Luckbane a few days ago and rarely put it down. It is well written, action-packed (that’s an understatement), very original (to my knowledge), and really fun. If you enjoy fantasy, sci-fi, or action/adventure novels, or if you ever played role-playing games like Dungeons and Dragons or Final Fantasy, Luckbane should be a great experience for you. Even if you aren’t into those genres and just want an original and fun read, pick up your copy of Luckbane today.”
Tim Chaffey, co-author of the Truth Chronicles

“I couldn’t put this book down. It was very engaging with a great story concept, characters, and high action. It also had my inner gamer squealing and yearning for this game play to be real.”
Shannon Pemrick, author of the Experimental Heart series

“What did I think? I think … excellent. This book is something new and refreshing along the line of such serious fantasy novels out there. The chapters are brief and written in real-time … Kinda like the playing out of a video game, but at some point, the game becomes real… I think anyone of any age could enjoy this book. The violence is akin to a classic Nintendo game and is clean enough for say a 4th grader to enjoy, yet can still hold a 30+ year old geek, such as myself, at bay. Good job, Mr. Tony Breeden!”
Jennifer Lea, Goodreads review