Writing Progress: July 5 thru 16, 2018

If you’ve been reading my Facebook feed and some of my recent posts, you know that I’ve had 4 books Suppressed by Amazon Createspace’s Content Validation Request Team. Basically, if they find your book published “elsewhere,” even though the Member agreement with Amazon is non-exclusive, they prevent you and Createspace’s everyday customer service from accessing … More Writing Progress: July 5 thru 16, 2018

First Lines: Luckbane

The very first thing a character says in a book often sets the tone for how the reader views them. Sometimes its misleading. Other times its simply a taste of what that character’s about. Just for fun, I thought I’d showcase the first lines from some of the characters in Luckbane: Jarrod Seventhborn aka Luckbane, … More First Lines: Luckbane