Worlds of Faith, edited by Paul F. Taylor, is a collection of short stories by Christian authors, mostly with a scifi or fantasy feel. Some of the included authors have had published novels. Others write non-fiction and are trying out fiction for the first time. Still others are completely new to publishing. I contributed two stories to this anthology:

“Better Off Dead” – A tale of vampires, mad scientists, and angels, both fallen and faithful. The vampire in this story is actually referred to as an Easter egg in Luckbane on page 69 as “Valerius from the Covenant of Blood series.”

“Bad Program” – Can a group of strangers find a way to survive a robot who has already killed one of them and is bent on getting into their room? This story features Shepherd Joshua, a character from my forthcoming Luckbane sequel, Soulbright.

[Update: “Better Off Dead” and “Bad Program” are now included with Garden of Stone, the prequel novella to .]

These stories are examples of apologetics fiction, so each of them, whether they deal with robots, vampires, gunslingers, medical professionals, dragons or what-have-you, delivers a defense of the faith through either mythic/thematic elements or conversations. It’s an exciting new genre, one I have already contributed to with my first novel, Johnny Came Home.

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