Prepping for Wild & Weird Con 2021

It’s finally happening!

Last year, WV local researchers Joe Perdue and Ron Lanham, the guys behind Wild & Weird WV, announced the first ever Wild & Weird Con, a convention bringing together UFOs, cryptids and the paranormal (Because, yes, the idea that Bigfoot is a supernatural creature dropped off by flying saucers is an actual thing) for the very first time!

Well, 2020 happened and Wild & Weird Con 2020 didn’t. First, they moved it from April 2020 to November 2020…

…and then, inevitably,  into 2021. (See, kids, it wasn’t just your scheduled Marvel movie slate.) Of course,  that was the case for a lot of events in 2020. I think most of them got a “You Tried” sticker.

This trend has continued into this year, due to spikes in Covid cases at different points. We lost another year of the Mothman Festival. Weirdlings everywhere were saddened and disappointed by the news, especially since their appetites for all things strange and weird were being whetted by an escalating sort of soft disclosure on UFOs, in which the US government finally admitted they were real, they were a potential threat and they had no idea what they were! (Holy Luis Elizondo, Mothman!)

But at long last, Wild & Weird Con is here! Next weekend, in fact, on November 6th (Stranger Things Day!), and guess what? I will be there, selling books, shirts and various other wares. (As always, sarcastic remarks and pop culture references are free!)

I am stoked! Of course, in addition to some of my other books, I’m bringing along copies of Strangers & Aliens and Gray Barker’s Book of Monsters Volume One. I’m also bringing along some shirts featuring WV Monsters, specifically Mothman, the Grafton Headless Horror, the Flatwoods Monster and the Sutton Lake Bigfoot!

You’re welcome!

I have a few other things I’m planning on offering at Wild & Weird Con, but you’ll have to come and see what those are.

I look forward to seeing you there!

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