April 8 to 12, 2020

Obviously, I am continuing work on the promised reboot of the Impworld/Otherworld Saga; however, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention something else I’m tinkering with.

I’ve returned to being a DM for Dungeons and Dragons. Initially, I returned out of nostalgia. I’d forgotten how much fun it could be. When someone asked me to run sessions for their group, I agreed. Somewhere in the back of my mind, I was thinking about how just playing the game again had given me so many ideas for my game it.

I immediately ran into a problem. I was running sessions of 12 to 16 players. I found that handling storylines for multiple characters (especially as smaller teams) gave me the solution to my problem but I needed to begin a mini-campaign to set in place some of the game mechanics needed to juggle that many players. I’m a world builder so inevitably things took on a life of their own. At this point I’m not sure we’ll ever get to Dragons of Icespire Peak module as intended.

Instead these hapless players find themselves the pawns of the gods of the seven realms of what I’m calling Deus Portas. It’s a bit like Stargate meets DnD, except that the players are actively trying to prevent the prophesied end of all seven worlds and the pocket dimension which connects them.

If it gets developed more fully, you can expect a novel or two from that world of worlds. It’s quite possible some form of the game modules I’m developing in situ may be published as well!

Until we reach The Last Door,

Tony Breeden

from Tony Breeden https://ift.tt/2V3shtm

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