March 31 to April 7, 2020

I have begun working on the promised interior illustrations for the Impworld/Otherworld Saga. Currently working on my sketches for Dreadknights. While little will change with Dreadknights with the exception of some formatting, typo corrections, and pagination to allow for the illustrations, Amazon’s rules regarding subtitles appear to make it necessary to take the original offline and substitute it with “another” version. Yet again, this won’t change the actual story.

Next, I’ll be working on the artwork for the first Copper Gallows take, to be named eother Garden of Stone or Gloryhound, followed by the Reboot version of Luckbane. And so on.

To answer a question being posed to me by a few readers, no, I will not be making everyone wait until each and every last book in the 9 book set is completed but they will be released pretty rapid fire.

So perhaps it’s a matter of semantics.

I’ve also re-introduced some material that I always regretted chopping out over the last several days. These scenes involve the dru (Tarak’s mysterious alien species), wyrmships, alligator men, bulltoads and arachnedragons amongst other things. I originally planned a chimera to he included in the plot of Soulbright (and it was even included in sketches for the original cover art concept), but I’ve yet to find a good way to work it back in. If I have to choose between arachnedragons and chimeras, the former is my unique creation. I gotta go with that.

Thus far, sans illustrations, each book is coming out around 230 to 250 pages.

Until we reach The Last Door,

Tony Breeden

from Tony Breeden

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