March 19-30, 2020

The COVID-19 protocols  continue here in the United States.

I have gotten a lot of work done on the illustrated reboot of the Impworld/Otherworld Saga.

I found a better place to end Luckbane, at the end of the Firelord’s assault on Cabon Gabrielle. This also let’s me end Everwylde further into Mot Hadrall than the first version of Luckbane went. I also was able to review some of the earlier material I wrote for the first Otherworld draft, back when it was conceived of as a single book, and worked out Jarrod’s Mot Hadrall adventure more in line with my original vision for the project. Thus far, I am really pleased with how the reboot is turning out. One of the best things about it is being able to.put some of the planet’s indigenous fauna back into the story, particularly the dru.

Until we reach The Last Door,

Tony Breeden

from Tony Breeden

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