What We Know So Far About Spider-Man: Far From Home

The second trailer for Spider-man: Far From Home dropped and it is amazing! It also comes with a SPOILER WARNING from Tom Holland, noting that you should NOT watch this trailer if you haven’t seen Endgame yet and don’t want that movie spoiled.

This post comes with the same SPOILER WARNING for Endgame and and additional warning that it may contain POTENTIAL SPOILERS for Spider-man:Far From Home.

The last trailer gave us the basic gist of the movie. Spider-man man goes on a European vacation, tries to woo MJ, runs into Nick Fury and encounters Mystero, one of his traditional villains.


Mysterio is fighting some elemental monsters that remind me of the Titans from the Disney animated film Hercules (1997).

Some sources have identified these monsters with the Elementals, four immortal extradimensional humanoids who were banished to another dimension when they tried to conquer Egypt before the rise of Atlantis. Hellfire, Hydron, Magnum and Zephyr control the elemental forces of fire, water, earth and wind, respectively. That’s possible.

Of course, Marvel.com doesn’t refer to them as Elementals with a capital E. It only says that Spider-man must “uncover the mystery of several elemental creature attacks, creating havoc across the continent!”

Another theory is that we’re looking at Sandman, Hydro-man, the Molten Man and… well, Zephyr. The strength of this theory are alleged Easter eggs in the trailers, numbers and letters calling back to the comic book issues these villains originally appeared in. Offocial toys, including Funko collectibles and LEGO sets for the movie also feature Hydro-man and Molten Man, but not Sandman (or Zephyr).

The theory’s weakness is an inability to account for Zephyr, if that’s what the storm above London Bridge is supposed to be. But it’s still intriguing and still very much viable.


My questions after the teaser trailer really centered around Mysterio.

In the comics, Mysterio is a master of special effects rather than real magic.

The possibility that he was pulling a Syndrome (ala The Incredibles (2004)), creating “monsters” that he can then defeat as a “hero”, certainly crossed my mind. I’m not alone.

The new trailer wiped my speculation slate clean.

It turns out the Snap caused rifts between other multiverse possibilities. Mysterio is from one of those possible realities and he’s now working with Nick Fury and Maria Hill to prevent some sort of calamity, likely involving the aforementioned elemental Titans.

And they want to team up with Spider-man!

The reason Fury wants to recruit him is because Spider-man is in the area, experienced (When Peter Parker protests his inexperience, Fury retorts, “You’vebeen to space!”), and because Tony Stark is dead. Tony Stark, of course, died in Endgame. Spider-man seems to encounter more than one Iron Man mural in the trailer. Peter Parker has some big iron shoes tho fill.

The multiverse angle has huge implications for the future MCU. It certainly provides a mechanism for the introduction of the X-Men (!), but it might also set up something bigger.


I’m talking about Immortus/Kang the Conqueror. Immortus is the future version of Kang the Conqueror. Kang doesn’t know this.

At some point in his personal timeline, Kang became weary of battle due to frustration and the loss of his son Marcus and consort Ravonna in several timelines. He was approached by the alien Time-Keepers — time travelers from the end of the universe, the last living creatures in existence — to become their agent, preserving timelines rather than conquering them in exchange for immortality. He accepted and reinvented himself again, this time as Immortus, the lord of the other-dimensional realm of Limbo.

What’s this have to do with Mysterio? Well, in Spider-man/Deadpool #5, Mysterio has made a deal with the devils of Limbo to torment Peter Parker for all eternity. Basically, Deadpool was hired to kill Parker and then made up for it by bringing him back from Limbo.

Please note: there are two Limbos. One is the Catholic Limbo, a place between Heaven and Hell but full of devils. The other is Temporal Limbo, where Immortus rules. My bet is that the MCU ditches the Catholic Limbo in favor of the Temporal Limbo and has Mysterio originating from Immortus’ realm. Maybe that explains the Titans. In Immortus first encounter with the Avengers, he attempted the destruction of the Avengers through the use of mythological figures as combatants. Maybe Immortus is behind the Elementals/Titans and Mysterio is either covertly working for him or is trying to escape him.

Conversely, Immortus may be upset with Mysterio for escaping his multiverse and might be seeking to put him back where he belongs. I can’t imagine that anyone charged with preserving the timelines would be happy about the events of the Snap, Reverse Snap and any resultant rifts between timelines (I’m looking at you, wrinkly old Steve Rogers!)

All I know is that I never noticed how similar Mysterio and Immortus’ outfits were until now. Maybe they really are from the same place?

Too farfetched? Maybe.

Or maybe Mysterio isn’t from a different dimension at all? Maybe fans know he’s just an overglorified special effects guy?

Spidey Suits

Speaking of outfits, this trailer shows Spider-man in his traditional outfit, a black and red suit, the Iron Spider outfit and a black stealth outfit. I can’t help wonder how that will play out on the film.

Aunt May

All of us kind of wondered whether Aunt May survived the Snap. It turns out she was Snapped along with Peter (and all of the main cast members of his high school including his best friend Ned. How did that work for the people whose helicopter crashed diring the mid credits scene of Infinity War, by the way? Were they Snapped back in midair? Or did Professor Hulk remember to wish them all back “safe and sound”? Food for thought).

The teaser trailer indicated that something may be brewing between Aunt May and Happy Hogan.

We have a feeling Happy Hogan has a lot to do with the Spidey suits we mentioned, but I wonder of he knows Parker has Tony’s Smart glasses?

Of course, she discovered in the last film that her nephew is Spider-man.

She seems OK with it.


The trailer also strongly implies that MJ is gonna figure out Peter Parker is Spider-man.

Sometimes that happens. We’ll see.

It does look like their relationship may develop a bit. Maybe she’ll even fall for him.

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