What I (don’t) want to see when I watch Avengers: Endgame

There have been a lot of theories surrounding the follow-up to Avengers:Infinity War. This is the most built-up movie in history, the culmination of a 22-film run. With any luck, I’m gonna see it tonight. (So excited!)

Before I see Endgame, I want to sort of tell you what’s been going on in my head. I haven’t written about this film on this site, but I’ve been thinking about it almost non-stop. So what I’m gonna do is tell you fine fellow fans what I expect to see, want to see and don’t want to see in this film.

This will necessitate a discussion of previous Marvel films, which may That said, you can read this non-spoilery post on my upcoming writing projects instead of this post, which contains PROBABLE SPOILERS for Avengers: Endgame and pretty much every film leading up to it, and POTENTIAL SPOILERS for any MCU movie AFTER this.


1. I will be entertained.

Some people are bored with traditional superheroes or even just superheroes in general. I am not one of those people.

2. It will be an emotionally satisfying thrill ride.

Almost every critic agrees on this point, for which I am greatly relieved. The ending of Infinity War left fans with a definite sense of… disquiet. I have never seen a theater so hushed after a superhero movie. It was as if the theater had been transformed into a funeral parlor and we were silent out of respect for the dead and those who mourned. I want this movie to justify that disquiet by resolving its cause and ending the fm in a satisfying way.

3. It will involve time travel and the Infinity Stones

One of the more discussed theories out there is that the plot of Endgame is going to evolve time travel and assembling an Alternate Infinity Gauntlet.

That means that the Avengers will have to travel through time and space and assemble all of the Affinity stones and that they will also have to forge a new Infinity Gauntlet to put them in. Unless of course the left-handed Infinity Gauntlet in Odin’s throne room is legit it’s just missing the right stones. That would be interesting and kind of fun. Of course, toys are already featuring a Stark Gauntlet, so it looks like they’re going a different route.

We’ve seen the set photos from the Battle of New York from the first Avengers film. We know that they’re probably going to try to take both the Mind Stone and Space Stone along the route Thor and Shield take as they escort back to Asgard. They might also take a detour while in New York to retrieve the Time Stone from the Sanctum Sanctorum. Tony Stark, Ant-man and possibly Hulk are going for those.

The Reality Stone, Soul Stone and Power Stone are off-planet. In one of the trailers, Rocket asks who hasn’t been to space yet. That scene is likely our space team. Captain America, Black Widow, War Machine, Thor, Rocket and Captain Marvel.

I have no idea where Nebula is. I thought I saw a trailer with Hawkeye/Ronin on that ship too, but I really can’t recall.

As for the Soul Stone, the romantic tension between Ronin and Black Widow suggest that one of them will die to get it back. My money is on Ronin shooting Natasha Romanoff even if the plan was something different. I can even hear her calmly advising, “Don’t miss.”

Another fun theory is that, unbeknownst to Thanos, Dr. Strange has put everyone in a time loop, before he handed over the Time Stone. I count that as unlikely but possible.

I personally wonder whether Tony Stark’s vision of everyone dead in Age of Ultron will actually come true, only to have Ant-man go back in time to say, “Bad idea, guys.” Again unlikely but possible.

4. Somebody will die.

Yes, I helieve either Iron Man or Captain America will pay the ultimate sacrifice in this film.

Back on October 4, 2018, Chris Evans sent a tweet that had fans wondering whether Captain America dies in Avengers 4.

I think this has some definite ramifications for Cap in Endgame. A lot of fans have already pointed out that it seems like that the Infinity Snap really just left behind , for the most part, the original Avengers ensemble. Other people have pointed out that both Robert Downey jr. And Chris Evans contracts are up at the end of this film. Now you take those two facts and you take into account the added fact that we have been assured that the there are real stakes in Infinity War and its second half, and you come to the obvious conclusion that some of our heroes are going to die . They are going to make the ultimate sacrifice so that a new generation of Heroes and take their place.

I remember a specific moment and in the first Avengers film where Tony Stark and Captain America get into one of their first arguments . Cap tells Tony that he isn’t the one to make the big play, the big sacrifice. I think a lot of folks expect Iron Man to make the big sacrifice in this movie and it’s possible that he may in fact do so in some way; however I think that the one who will make the big play, the big sacrifice, is the one who has already done so in Captain America: The First Avenger. Steve Rogers is very much a Man Out of Time . He is a person who doesn’t quite fit in in the world he exists in. The America that he fought for is not the same now as it was then . He found a new home in shield and then found that it was infested with Hydra. And we all know what the Sokovia Accords resulted in a team divided. And Captain America became a man working for good on the outside of official channels that he used to work with. The Captain America that we see in the trailers is clean shaven and back in the Star Spangled uniform. The message is clear. Captain America is back. But of course the question is for how long?

Of course, I have already mentioned my personal.theory that the Soul Stone involves Ronin and Black Widow.

5. I expect a big fight with Thanos, maybe even more than one; however, he might not end up being the film’s Big Bad.

A theory is floating around that the film’s real Big Bad is Galactus. The theory has it that the reason Thanos felt the Snap necessary was the deprive Galactus of worlds sufficient enough to feed upon, as it is speculated happened on his homeworld, Titan.

Another theory suggests that Death or Kronos, both Jim Starling characters, will be involved. Kronos was imprisoned in the Quantum Realm and could aid the Avengers in order to betray his grandson, Thanos. In the comics, Thanos dusted half the universe just to impress his sweetheart, Death. She wasn’t actually impressed, but that’s another story.

6. I think everyone is coming back from the Snap, at least long enough to kick the Big Bad’s butt.

A much-discussed theory the reason that the original Avengers survive the Infinity Snap is because the filmmakers want to give them a fitting exit and needed to reduce the stage significantly to really shine on them. Which is the say they had every intention of bringing everyone back (as evidenced by the fact of Spider-Man: Far From Home, etc., taking place after the events of Endgame), and I think that anyone who’s ever read the comic knows that was going to happen. In fact, there has been mention of an iconic scene involving every last Avenger that was expected in Infinity War, but might be in Endgame instead.

7. I am not going to have as hard a time not running to the restroom during this 3 hour film as everyone keeps saying we all will.

If you do need to pee, the good word is that your last chance to do do before you miss something significant is when the Hulk is having lunch onscreen near the one hour mark. There is apparently no good time to do so during the last two hours of the film! There are no end credits if you make it that far, but there is supposed to be something at the end. No clue what that is.

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