What I’m Working On Now

I know that some of you were disappointed that I didn’t publish a book in the Fall of 2017, like I predicted. I was also frustrated with my lack of progress on Soulbright, mostly because I have published at least one book a year since 2012. (Technically, my average remains intact because I did publish two books in 2015, but still…)

One of the reasons for the delay is that Soulbright is one of the biggest books I have written, thus far. Intimidated by its length of almost 141,000 words. I took the time to try to trim it down a bit, but only managed to bring it down by 7000. Frankly, I initially made drastic cuts and got it down to 130,000 words, but the story suffered for it.

This particular story happens to be very personal to me. If you strip away the fact that it’s about a vampire hunter in a fantasy game on a terraformed alien world, Soulbright is about someone very much like where I came from. This book is more overly Christian than Luckbane, because the character interacts with the Church as it exists a millenia from now. At its heart, Soulbright is about how the Church sometimes wounds the very people it was meant to embrace.

I also took time out to exercise my editing muscles on an entirely different project. I’m happy to say that after months of hard work, my wife’s first book saw publication.

Organizing for Special Education Success: A Guide for Families by Angie Breeden

In addition to the usual editing stuff, I made it my aim that Organizing for Special Education Success had a narrative that flowed naturally from beginning to end. I’m thrilled with the finished product! My wife is an excellent writer and her insights into special education advocacy make this workbook both practical and powerful!

I’ve also spent the past couple weeks working on Mind’s-Eye and Dreadknights 2. (Sorry, no cover reveals just yet.)

So far, Dreadknights 2 has been fleshed out of its original 9382 word count to over 26,000. I still have at least two more chapters to add, but it still looks like it will tally more toward being a novella than a novel at this point. Novels begin at 40,000+ words.

Mind’s-Eye already exists as a nearly completed draft. At current count it is 79,463 words. I’m currently revising chapter 8. In all likelihood, I will be tacking on a few short stories to it, so it may be the last title to be released in 2018.

Writing this series is complicated because the plotlines have to be managed carefully to keep continuity in parallel accounts. It helps that I’m writing with an end game in mind for the entire series. In fact, I have a hypothetical end game for my combined series in the Midwich Multiverse!

Of course, we have a long way to go before we reach The Last Door. I have three new non-fiction books in the works, on futurism, ufology and cryptozoology from a Biblical Christian point of view. I’m also chalking out the details of a John Lazarus sequel and a few more Impworld/Otherworld novels, including a choose-your-own-fate type book.

So look for all of these books, beginning with Soulbright, in the near future.

Until we reach The Last Door,

Tony Breeden

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