Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Detailed Trailer Breakdown

If you’re like me, you have been eagerly awaiting the next installment of the Jurassic World series. Well, the trailer finally dropped – and it is gorgeous! – so here is a scene by scene breakdown of the official Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom trailer, in case you missed anything.

I should warn you that this post contains potential spoilers. Most of them are mild, but you have been warned.

The trailer opens with the needle of a jukebox turntable dropping onto a record. We see the interior of a bar or pool hall as Irma Thomas’ Anyone Who Knows What Love Is (Will Understand) begins to play.

Owen Grady (Chris Pratt) sits across from Claire Dearing (Bryce Dallas Howard).

Owen: “So what are you dating, like an accountant.”
Claire: “Owen.”
“A ventriloquist?”
“Stop it.”
“You love a dummy.”
“This is not why we’re here.”

The scene shifts to a small plane flying over an island.

Owen is staring out the window at the island.

The scene shifts again. From the ground, we see Owen’s plane high above. The Jurassic World sign is visible as is the wreckage of the theme park’s monorail. Both are overgrown with vegetation. This is Isla Nubar, three years after the events of Jurassic World.

We return to the bar.

Owen: “I know why we’re here.”

Two trucks race across the island. One is an armored personnel transport. The other is a flatbed with a big metal cage on it. The corpse of an Anklyosaur lies by the roadside.

Owen: “A rescue op…”

We see Claire through a widening opening of twin metal doors. The island mountains are in the background.

As the doors continue to open, we see other members of her Dinosaur Protection Group and their armored personnel transport.

Owen: “…to save the dinosaurs…”

The next scene shows the tip of someone’s gun as they walk into an overgrown building. Light shines from a hole in the roof, revealing an ominous-looking circular passageway.

We see Owen walking on the island. He turns his head as something draws his attention.

We see a volcanic explosion.

Owen: “…from an island that’s about to explode.”

The scene cuts back to the bar.

Owen: “What could go wrong?”

Claire: “Blue is alive.”

We see Owen and a baby Blue in what appears to be a Velociraptor nursery. Owen offers Blue a treat and then smiles as he rubs the dino’s chin.

Claire: “You raised her.”

The scene shifts to Owen for a moment. We know what his decision will be.

A shrill note sounds. We get a text screen reading From Executive Producer Steven Speilberg.

From inside one of the abandoned storefronts of Jurassic World’s Main Street, we see Dinosaur Protection Group trucks as they drive by. The shop window is filled with dinosaur toys.

One of the “toys” turns its head and looks at the trucks.

The Compsognathus darts away.

Offscreen someone (ostensibly a congressman) asks, “Do these animals deserve the same protection given to other species?”

The scene shifts to show Owen and then Claire looking up at something in wonder. In a scene that calls back go our first good look at a dinosaur in Jurassic Park, they are revealed to be staring at a Brachiosaurus as it lumbers past the pyramid-shaped Samsung Innovation Center at the end of Main Street. The structure and much of Main Street overgrown. Our heroes are escorted by members of Claire’s Dinosaur Protection Group and what appear to be armed mercenaries.

The offscreen congressman continues: “Or should they just be left to die?”

A brief shot of a congressional hearing is followed by Ian Malcolm (Jeff Goldblum) testifying:

“These creatures were here before us.”

Owen and Claire open the back door to a truck and discover a captive Tyrannosaur.

The scene focuses on Owen’s reaction to the captive T-rex and then shifts to Claire’s. A number of military vehicles are behind them.

Ian Malcolm continues: “And if we’re not careful…”

We pan past a Stegosaur in a truck. Men walk on an elevated metal walkway in the background.

The next scene shows men in military fatigues atop their vehicles, staring out an open loading hatch of a large boat, as evidenced by the tapering walls. All of the vehicles are facing inward. The Stegosaur truck is evident at the right hand side as well as the men on the walkway. The scene outside is fire and smoke, but you can just make out the mountains of the island in the background and the shimmer of the water in the foreground where the smoke and fire abruptly end.

We switch to a round opening, the same one we saw earlier with someone holding a gun. This time, it is lit with an orange glow. A Baryonyx head comes into view.

Claire and a Dinosaur Protection Group scientist (played by Justice Smith) look terrified.

Ian Malcom continues: “…they’re gonna be here after.”

The next scene shows the Baryonyx charging at Claire and her comrade. Fire or lava is pouring in from the roof, which is the source if the orange glow.

Pteranodons are sent into panicked flight at an eruption.

Owen beckons Claire and her DPG scientist to run down what appears to be a runway, while fuel drums explode behind them.

The scene shifts and Owen is alone in the jungle. Until a Velociraptor lands on an overturned Jurassic Park vehicle!

Owen stretches out his hand and says: “You know me.” So this is obviously Blue.

In a scene reminiscient of Jurassic World’s raptor wrangler moment, Owen stretches out his hand.

Blue nearly lets him touch her when she turns her head to the side and screeches.

After another quick eruption scene, we see Owen emerging out of thick smoke at a dead run.

“Run!” he yells.

Claire and her DPG scientist stare in shock, forcing Owen to repeat himself:


At first, it looks like he is running from Compys but it turns out to be much more: dinosaurs are stampeding to get away from the volcano’s wrath.

Owen, Claire and Smith’s character are forced to dodge bolides as they flee the stampede.

As the stampede catches up with them, they take shelter behind a gyrosphere.

An opportunistic Carnotaur notices them.

Unfortunately, the vehicle only seats two. Owen is left out in the open.

The Carnotaur charges.

Fortunately, the Trex is consistent in its willingness to snatch humans from the jaws of death. It neatly intercepts the Carnotaur and snaps its neck in its jaws. The volcano erupts again as it gives a victory roar.

To Chris Pratt’s credit, his character just looks like he’s on the verge of a full-on heart attack.

Ian Malcolm speaks offscreen: “Life cannot be contained.”

The gyrosphere joins the stampede.

Ian Malcolm: “Life breaks free.”

A pyroclastic flow is now bearing down on the stampede. You can see the T-rex just to the right of the Triceratops’ hind leg.

Owen can just barely be seen running with the stampede off to the right. The T-rex is butting a Gallimimus out of the way.

Ian Malcolm: “Life…”

The gyrosphere gains the notice of another carnivore, but the dinosaur trips in its moment of distraction.

Ian Malcolm: “…finds a way.”

The stampede approaches a cliff. The gyrosphere can just barely be seen in the center of this shot. The pyroclastic flow is gaining.

Claire looks behind to see if Owen is keeping up. She sees him briefly just before he vanishes in a cloud of smoke.

The gyrosphere sails off the cliff…

…and into the water along with the dinosaurs. Bolides continue to rain on the struggling animals.

The title graphic is revealed.


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