The Infinity War Trailer – Detailed Breakdown

So the Avengers: Infinity War trailer dropped and it is 2 and 1/2 minutes of just amazing material! It is so much more than I thought it would be. The tendency these days has been to drop a teaser trailer that’s short and gives us a little bit of fodder for speculation but doesn’t really give away too much. They save that stuff for a later trailer. Given how heavily Marvel has kept things under wraps up until now, I was really shocked at how much is in this trailer.

I should warn you that this post contains potential spoilers. Most of them are mild, but you have been warned. 

I’m saving the bigger intentional spoilers fot a later post.

The trailer opens up with the voice of Nick Fury recounting a statement that he made for the original Avengers movie. Nick Fury does not appear in the trailer.

“There was an idea…”

The scene shows an orange hued planet. Next we see Tony Stark. He has no armor on. His hand is bloodied and he looks like he’s grief stricken. The background has the orange hue of flame.

Tony Stark picks up where Fury left off.

“…to bring together a group of remarkable people…”

The scene changes to Bruce Banner lying in a crater that used to be a set of stairs. The following scenes make it clear that he’s crash landed in the Sanctum Santorum in New York City.

The footage cuts to Doctor Strange and Wong looking down on Banner. The hole Banner made in the roof is clearly visible above them.

Vision picks up the ball from Tony Stark:

“…to see if we could become something more…”

Vision looks decidedly more human in a romantic scene with the Scarlet Witch.

Thor picks up where Vision left off: 
“…so when they needed us, we could fight the battles…”

Thor is aboard a spacecraft, staring out into space.

The scene cuts to Bruce Banner with an odd look on his face in what is, judging from the architecture, unmistakeably Wakanda. A Hulkbuster arm lies next to him. We see the black clothed arm of someone in the foreground. My money’s on Black Widow since she appears in the next scenes and finishes the sentence Nick Fury began: 

“…that they never could.”

Yes, Black Widow is a blonde now. Banner’s gonna say something about it in his awkward way. It’s not in the trailer, but c’mon… It’s gonna happen.

Next, we get that awesome Marvel Studio artwork montage featuring all of our favorite heroes. Then it cuts back to New York. Avengers Tower is visible in the background.

Here we hear a voice we’ve rarely heard up to now: Thanos, the Big Bad of the MCU.

“In time…”

We get two quick scenes. Wong, Bruce Doctor Strange, Bruce Banner and Tony Stark in the Sanctum Santorum. The hole in the stairwell from Banner’s crash landing is still in evidence. Tony Stark is holding a cell phone. We then see them looking through the front doors of the Sanctum.

“…you will know what it’s like to lose,” Thanos continues.

Tony Stark heads toward the door of the Sanctum, then turns back as if to say, “Aren’t you coming?” before heading outside.

Thanos: “To feel so desperately that you’re right…”

We see Peter Parker on a school bus. His Spidey sense is tingling!

A portal is hovering over the New York City skyline. The portal looks mechanical. The lower left quarter of it looks boxy like it has an engine or cockpit to fly it around or the like.

Thanos: “…then to fail all the same.”

The scene switches to New York City’s street level as Thanos continues:

“Dread it.”

Tony Stark stands in the foreground with Wong, Banner and Strange not far behind. That something bad is happening is evident from the rubble. Iron Man’s newest arc reactor is visible beneath his jacket.

We see a close-up of a section of the mechanical wheel in the sky over the city. There appears to be fire and structural damage to the buildings.

The scene changes to show us someone walking over dead bodies. The boots make it seem like it must be Loki.

Loki stretches out his hand to give someone (likely Thanos himself) the Tesseract as Thanos continues his voice over: “Run from it!”

The scene changes to the flash of a black portal. Thanos steps through. You can only just get a glimpse of it, but the architecture in the background is Wakandan.

As if the scene isn’t awesome enough, Thanos continues to comment offscreen:

“Destiny still arrives.”

We skip back to New York City where Spidey is trying to stop the mechanical wheel.

He’s wearing the new enhanced suit he received at the end of his solo film.

We hear Black Panther: “Evacuate the city.”

We quickly skip to a scene that features a small figure at the center of some strange and massive mechanism.

The figure is Thor, who is struggling with a control switch.

Black Panther: “Engage all defenses.”

In a warehouse facility of some sort, a shadowy figure who has been identified as Proxima Midnight of Thanos’ Black Order tosses a spear.

Which is caught by another shadowy figure identified as Captain America.

Black Panther: “…and get this man a shield.”

Captain America steps out of the shadows sporting a gloriously manly beard. I’m not gonna lie. I cheered. I may have fist pumped.

The Scarlet Witch looks mighty relieved to see him too. Her hand is glowing. 

Next we see Iron Man’s Hulkbuster suit bounding over the plains of Wakanda. 

The montage continues in quick succession.

Black Widow stabs someone with extreme prejudice in the warehouse(?) scene.

Doctor Strange looks into the New York City sky and lowers his magical defenses. He’s wearing the Eye of Agamatto.

Strange alien pylons slam into the ground in Wakanda.

Captain America and Black Panther engage in hand-to-hand combat during a pitched battle with four-armed aliens called Outriders.

Thanos manhandles Spider-Man.

Tony Stark looks up and peers over his shoulder. This appears to take place immediately after the scene where he has blood on his hands. He looks like he’s about to go off.

Thanos: “Fun isn’t something one considers the balance in the universe.”

His words are accented by scenes in which the Mind Stone is being torn from Vision’s forehead by Corvius Glaive, another member of Thanos’ Black Order.

Another scene shows Thanos dropping the Space Stone from the Tesseract into the Infinity Gauntlet. 

Thanos: “But this does put a smile on my face.”

Two quick cuts between Thanos and a suited up Iron Man, then Thanos clenches his fist, revealing the Infinity Gauntlet with two stones. The Mind Stone isn’t present in this clip.

Thanos takes a hard swing at Iron Man, knocking him into the dirt.

Meanwhile Bucky Barnes gets locked and loaded for the impending battle in Wakanda.

T’Challa stands before his Wakandan army and prepares to transform into Black Panther.

Falcon makes a strafing run over the armies of Thanos on the Wakandan plain.

The Avengers and the army of Wakanda charge into battle against Thanos’ armies.

Then we get this awesome teamup clip of Bucky Barnes, Black Widow, War Machine, Captain America, Hulk, Okoye (the leader of Wakanda’s elite fighting force known as the Dora Milaje), Falcon and Black Panther charging into battle ahead of the Wakandan forces.

Marvel apparently knew that superfans would be hyperventilating at this point, so they dropped in the movie title. But then in true post credits traditon, an added bonus.

Thor: “Who the hell are you guys?”

And it’s the Guardians of the Galaxy: Starlord, (teen) Groot, Gamora, Mantis, Rocket Raccoon and Drax the Destroyer. OK, I’m trying not to hate the ‘stache, but other than that this scene had me stoked!

Stay tuned for more because I think I’ve figured out a few things that could be Major Spoilers.

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