A Goodreads Book Giveaway and a Few Other Things


Believe it or not, this September 28th will be the fifth anniversary of the publication of my first book Johnny Came Home. For those of you who haven’t yet read this book, this is the action-packed tale of kids who develop super powers and a fictional town here in my home state of West Virginia.

It’s been described as the ” X-men meets James Bond with just a touch, believe it or not, of To Kill a Mockingbird thrown in” (and yes I will eventually get around to writing the sequel).

To celebrate this event, I am going to be giving away copies of Johnny Came Home. We are going to start with a good old-fashioned Goodreads giveaway, which will end on Johnny’s 5 year anniversary. There will also be a Facebook giveaway for ebook versions of Johnny, so be looking for that. Be sure to check our Giveaways page from time to time for other great free stuff.

In other news, I am happy to report that I am almost done with the Luckbane sequel, Soulbright. This will be the tale of Copernicus Gallows, whom you will remember from Luckbane as Jarrod Sevenborn’s most antagonistic comrade. This book will explore the history of the Otherworld game’s most celebrated vampire hunter, as he searches for the shards of Soulbright on his quest to vanquish the Brat Prince of vampires, Impunus. Unfortunately, his quest has attracted the attention of the last of the Bloody Barons, the Viscount Rinaldo Crov, better known to gaming fans as Corpulus the Devourer. To make matters worse, Copper’s search has led him to Mot Hadral, the Accursed City of Eternal Night, a gamer’s graveyard that boasts a kill rate of nearly 85%. The question is will Copper survive with his life, sanity and soul intact?

Oh, and one last thing. I have decided to move my website from Blogger to WordPress. Most of you should have noticed the redirect, if you came from one of the old blog posts or pages. I have about a million and one reasons why I moved the page, but the biggest reason has to do with tracking stats and width the amount of control I have over how the website looks. Frankly most of my other blogs are on WordPress so this just seems like the logical thing to do. I do apologize specially for those of you who went through the Wix to Blogger switch with me previously. Hopefully this will be the last move in a while.

Until we reach The Last Door,

Tony Breeden

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