First Lines: Luckbane

The very first thing a character says in a book often sets the tone for how the reader views them. Sometimes its misleading. Other times its simply a taste of what that character’s about.

Just for fun, I thought I’d showcase the first lines from some of the characters in Luckbane:

Jarrod Seventhborn aka Luckbane, human thief: “Sane folk stay far, far away from dragons, especially dragons which clearly wish to be left alone. And do you know why, Rogar? Because dragons are a very sure and horrible form of death!”

Rogar Thunderhammer, dwarven warrior: “What’s your point, Jarrod?”  (More memorably: “Gregor, you’ll be shutting yer pie-hole or I’ll be shoving my axe into it!”)

Lydia Blackthorn, elven assassin: “Can we get back to what we came here for?” (More memorably: “You can’t escape this time, Jarrod. If I don’t get you, the dragon will!”

Razor Hawkins, wyldermancer, gutter mage: “Do you have any money left?”

Sir Stanley Dragonslayer, borog knight-archer: “Don’t you love how wonderfully realistic they’ve made this Game? First, a week-long cruise of boredom and cramp-inducing inactivity. Then, we watch as our fellow adventurers sail on to glory and exercise, while we become the virtual prisoners of some small-time bigshot harbormaster. And when we finally get into the city, what do we get? Window shopping and giant bunny poop. No offense, mate, but I came here to fight.”

Kryptos the Pretty Good, human magus: “Don’t everyone bother thanking me at once.”

Tolkien Brightbow, shadus elf ranger: “Oh, not again, you two. Can’t you find some other way to amuse yourselves?”

Moog, wooden golem thief: “Moog. Right here, of course. Hopelessly trying to keep this thieving’ rascal out of trouble. He excels at trouble, you know.”

Fleas, werewolf thief: “Who are you calling a thief?”

Copper “Gloryhound” Gallows, vampyre hunter:  “It hasn’t fed in a while, so I need a real good reason for this little visit tonight, OK?”

Baldur Splintershield, dwarven assassin: “I’m here for Luckbane.”

Harper Angelos: Icarii magus: “She’s right.” (More memorably: “Grow up.”)

Impunus, brat prince of vampyres: “Hello, Stanley. I’ve been looking for Gallows. I don’t suppose you could tell me where to find him?”

Magistera the Enchantress: “His Shield failed him.” (More memorably: “Relax, boys. If Sir Stanley here wants to make a martyr of himself, I say let him.”)

In a dystopian future, online gaming is the ultimate escape… until one corporation gives a few lucky players the chance to play their favorite sword and sorcery game live and in person on a distant planet. In the inaugural Øtherworld campaign, the winners will face monsters, magic, warriors, dragons, and betrayal as they quest to find a weapon capable of stopping the dreaded Firelord and his armies. For one lowly janitor-turned-alchemical adventurer, the stakes are much higher. Someone wants him very, very dead. And in a world where no one is who they seem to be, Jarrod Luckbane has no idea who he can trust.

Everything is NOT under control.


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