Is It OK For A Christian To Believe In Aliens? The Answer Is Now Available On Kindle

Some of you have been asking me about it and I’m happy to announce that the Kindle version of my new book on exotheology, Strangers and Aliens, is available on Amazon Kindle.

One of the reasons this ebook took so long was that I was working on the print book a bit. Yes, yes, I know it’s already published, but I realized that there was some more information I’d like to include. Both the paperback and Kindle version now feature even more material than the first printing. Notably, I’ve expanded the information in my Saucerian Psychology chapter to include information about how CIA mind control programs might factor into the UFO phenomenon.

In any case, I really want to get this book into people’s hands because there have been some really bad arguments being passed around uncritically for the past few years over the matter of the possibility of extraterrestrial life. Basically, there are well-meaning Christian authors and teachers who are saying things like the Bible predicts that there are no aliens and that the UFO phenomenon is 100% demonic. One of the most popular books and better researched books in the anti-alien camp is Gary Bates’ Alien Intrusion: The Evolution Connection. In fact, it’s the only creationist book to make the Amazon Top 50.

I was once one of the folks who accepted Gary Bates’ arguments rather uncritically, but upon examining the issues more exhaustively I started to see a problem or two.

A few brief comparisons of his book with mine.

1. Alien Intrusion claims that science fiction and it’s inherent evolutionary assumptions are responsible for a growing belief in the possibility of extraterrestrial life. Strangers and Aliens notes that the first work of scifi was the work of a creationist, Johannes Kepler, and that book, Somnium, included extraterrestrial civilizations on the moon. Bates mentions Kepler but fails to mention that his scifi work included extraterrestrials. He also fails to mention CS Lewis’ Space Trilogy or any other Christian scifi authors’ works, concentrating instead on a selective showcase of atheist scifi authors.

2. Alien Intrusion claims that the UFO phenomenon is the work of demonic forces. Strangers and Aliens documents that the UFO phenomenon is multi-faceted, having both natural (such as hoaxes, hallucinations, mental illness, misidentified man-made objects and natural phenomenon, etc.)  and supernatural causes. If the principle of mediocrity holds, a minority of the UFO phenomenon are caused by supernatural forces.

3. Alien Intrusion claims that “Of course, you can be a Christian and believe aliens do exist on other planets, but it would imply that you have not taken the Bible’s history of origins seriously” [p. 261]. Strangers and Aliens notes that the Bible is silent on aliens and that the alleged theological objections to extraterrestrial life are founded on logical fallacies and bad hermeneutics, particularly in the form of wooden hyper-literalism. Whether one believes in aliens or not, we contend that no one should be dogmatic on a subject upon which the Bible is silent.

In a recent post, I pointed out a few of the problems with his argument. Rather than engaging the arguments, Mr. Bates made an appeal to authority:

“Moreover, unlike your individual considered opinion, the opinions espoused in these articles on are derived from a ‘multitude of counsellors’ including theologians and scientists with the aim of defending Genesis.”

That was a little condescending and a bit inconsistent with the creationist outlook, I might add, considering that we believe it’s more important to be right than to follow the consensus. In the end, it doesn’t come down to a popularity contest. Neither does it come down to whether we desire to believe in the possibility of aliens or not. It comes down to who has the better argument.

The Church is called to be the “pillar and ground of the truth” [1 Timothy 3:15]. I encourage you to buy both books to compare their arguments for yourself.

You can purchase Alien Intrusion at

You can purchase Strangers and Aliens at For a limited time… well, for the remainder of the year anyway, the Kindle version of Strangers and Aliens is yours to enjoy for the low introductory price of $0.99. That’s about 10% of the Kindle price for Gary Bates’ Alien Intrusion. Just saying’. This means you can afford to buy both our books for about $11.00 and compare their arguments for yourself.
And I hope that you do.

Until we reach The Last Door,
Tony Breeden

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