Writing Progress: Extraterrestrials and Ufology

Most of you know that I’ve been busy writing a book called Strangers & Aliens, which will explore the question of extraterrestrial life from the perspective of a Christian science fiction author. It’s been great fun, but also a lot of work. It’s hard to put into words just how fascinating the subject can be!

One of the major portions of my book was going to concern Gray Barker (yes, that’s him in the picture promoting his book, They Knew Too Much About Flying Saucers, for a television ad) and how he (and a few other fellow West Virginians) contributed to UFO and sci-fi culture through his hoaxes and publications. In case you’re not familiar with West Virginia’s ufological PT Barnum, he is responsible for popularizing the Flatwoods Monster, the Mothman, the Men in Black conspiracy, the Philadephia Experiment, a good portion of the contactee movement, and possibly even had a hand in that whole Hangar 18 thing that was a part of the Roswell UFO crash scenario. So… big fun! Unfortunately, that research started to take a life of its own and it soon became apparent that I would need to excise the Gray Barker material from the exotheology book and give it a proper place of its own. That extra-dimensional rabbit hole has no place in an apologetics book! Accordingly, I will be releasing two books: one on exotheology called Strangers & Aliens and another on Gray Barker’s contributions to Ufology and sci-fi in general called The Truth Is Fantastic!
For my fiction fans, I promise I will not go back to work on the Barker book until I have, at the very least, finished Soulbright. Copper Gallows is getting impatient to have his story told – and it is inadvisable to test the long-suffering of a man armed with a bloodthirsty render! 

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