The Dreadknights Are Coming!

You might say that the Dreadknights of Outland are finally getting the respect they deserve. In case you’re not familiar with the Dreads, they’re one of the various guilds of Impworld players who were vying for the chance to play their characters live and in-person on GameComm’s terraformed alien world.

If you’re familiar with the Otherworld series that began with Luckbane, you’re also aware that I released a novelette called Dreadknights: For the Love of the Guild alongside Luckbane. That novelette was basically a bunch of cut scenes from Luckbane dealing with the Dreadknights sub-plot. Since it was basically bonus material for fans of the series, I really didn’t give it the level of attention it probably deserved.

While I was writing Soulbright, the forthcoming Luckbane sequel, I realized that I needed to give the Dreadknights the respect they deserved. I originally just thought of expanding the novelette into a full-fledged novel [and I still intend to do that], but as I began hammering out the details, I realized that I wanted to tell the story of what came before that, because I think readers deserve the right to know why they ought to be invested in caring about characters who end up being the Big Bad’s evil minions. What I’ve produced, pending final edits is a prequel to both Luckbane and the original Dreadknights novelette.

Dreadknights is a fitting addition to the mixed genre universe of Impworld. This book focuses on Christine Johannsen, also known as Ogress Bloodskull. When we meet Christine, she’s just started playing for the Dreadknights. The guilds are competing in Guild Wars to see who will get to go to Tarak to play their characters on an alien world mocked up to look like the virtual world of Impworld To win the prize, Christine must help her guild defeat the Golden Gears, Neverdeath, and her old Doomsmack guild. There’s no love lost between the Dreads and the Dooms, no lie.Unfortunately, her real life seems to be getting in the way of realizing her dream, as her family is dead-set on her winning them a ticket to Tarak via the Colonial Trials.

As promised in my previous post, Dreadknights will also set up the Midwich Multiverse, so there’s a few Easter Eggs hidden in the book for fans of Johnny Came Home.

I think folks are really going to like Dreadknights. I’ve really enjoyed writing it. Look for it very soon!

Until we reach The Last Door,
Tony Breeden

P.S. I promise I’ll get straight back to Soulbright once I’m done editing it (which, for the record, is also nearly done).

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